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Empire Rolling Papers

Ultra Smooth Hemp Cones 50 Count

Ultra Smooth Hemp Cones 50 Count

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Order before 11 am for same-day fulfillment. Receive in 1-5 business days, depending on location.

  • Authentic Original 100% Empire Rolling Papers Manufactured by Empire Rolling

  • Advanced Filtration | The most advanced filter for unparalleled purity and smoothness

  • Optimal Watermark Technology | Revolutionary watermark ensures optimal burn rate and even-burning

  • Globally Compliant | Rigorously lab-tested to meet the strictest guidelines worldwide

  • Slow Burn | Each Cone is perfectly rolled to reduce runs and provide a premium experience

  • Natural | All Empire Papers are made with Natural Plant Fibers, Non-Toxic Vegetable Oil Coloring, and Organic Sugar Glue. NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS

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