Choosing a New Parfum with THE BRAND

Choosing a New Parfum with THE BRAND

Fragrances leave a lasting impression, its one of the first things people notice about you outside of your outer appearance, and its the last thing you leave after leaving someone's presence.  Whether you are just walking by or attending an interview, or partying at the club, your scent will leave make an impression.  

In my 10+ years working in the fragrance industry, I have learned the ins and outs of fragrances; the best ingredients, how they are created, manufactured, the different types, how they are branded, and most of all the different quality.

Today, we are going to focus on the different types and quality. 

When it come to fragrances, there are 5 main types: Essential Oils, Body Oils, Cologne, Toilette, and Parfums.

Essential Oils are what the fragrances are the main ingredient in how the fragrances are created.  Essential Oils are often used in the creation of lotions, soaps, colognes, and more.  they also contain the beneficial ingredients relative to the type of oil being used. 

Body/Fragrance Oils are the concentrated form of the base fragrance which will become the cologne, toilette, or perfume. They are often used as the fragrance component to products ranging from soaps, deodorants, and candles. Several different essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil to create the base fragrances for your favorite brands.  Often times these same base fragrances are mixed together to create alcohol free alternative types of your favorite brand of fragrances.  Body Oils are also very popular in the Eastern World from Africa, the Middle East, and India.  Some of the most expensive fragrances can be found in the form of oil, oud and ambergis being two examples of fragrances that can cost upwards of thousands of dollars for a few ounces.

Colognes are the commonly associated term for men fragrances, however, the term cologne actually identifies a fragrance that has the most alcohol dilution.  Colognes are usually about 95% alcohol compared to 5% fragrance oil.  Colognes are often the weakest and cheapest of all of the different fragrances.

Toilettes are the most commonly sold type of fragrances among perfume brands.  They are good quality and affordable to consumers.  A toilette usually has a 10-15% fragrance oil.  Most brands will create an Eau de toilette ranging from $40-$90 depending on the ingredients being used as an alternative to their luxury line or top quality fragrance.

Parfums are the best quality and strongest types of perfume brands.  Eau de Parfums can have between 20-25% fragrance oil, are long lasting, and are usually made by the best perfume houses.  The best brands of perfume will only create parfums because of the great quality they provide.  Parfums are where you will find ingredients like oud, bergamot, amber, damask, and other rare fragrances are used in greater quantity than toilettes and colognes.

We want to offer you the best quality fragrances, none of that cheap crap that you cant smell after 15 minutes.  We want to offer the fragrances that will leave a great first impression and a great lasting impression in all of your interactions.  We want you to get that fragrance that attracts complements you and attracts compliments and conversation to you.  Check out the line up, you are the Brands that represent you.  

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